Rainity is a desktop application package that allows you to build Unity scenes that run over your Windows desktop.

Key features include:

  • Unity scenes run right on top of the desktop
  • Customizable settings
  • Get CPU/RAM/VRAM/Disk information
  • Get program icons as usable Texture2D textures
  • Simulate keypresses (including media buttons)
  • Get the desktop image as a Texture2D
  • Get the user's avatar image as a Texture2D
  • Get the user's username
  • Add a system tray icon with context menus for your game
  • Functions to add/remove from startup
  • Place window behind desktop icons (with basic input functionality)
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Open files and directories easily
  • Get information about the weather including temperature, wind speed, atmosphere, and more using Yahoo Weather API
  • Audio visualization using a slightly modified version of UnityWASAPILoopbackAudio by hallidev
  • Easily get file information
  • A scripting API for Rainity to create applications

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